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Wine and Food Pairing

In food and wine pairing, their harmony is number one priority. They should complete each other not fight against.


Best food-wine pair is the one you enjoy. If you love it, it is OK. But our advice can multiply the joy you have


The right thing to do is to pair soft wines with soft food and heavy wines with heavy food.


Let's give some examples of pairing with our wines.


  • For the best friend of wine -cheese-; for soft and oily cheese such as fresh cheese, Gouda, Mozzarella, Feta, Brie you can choose Blend White and Silenus White, for the old and aromatic cheese such as old cheese, Camembert, Roquefot, Gorgonzola you can choose Cnidus Cabernet Sauvignon and Cnidus Syrah Reserve. In addition, Anatolian tastes, -İzmir Tulum and Kars Gravyer- pairs well with Cnidus Öküzgözü-Boğazkere Reserve wine.

  • For fish and other seafood, pairing should be done by what kind of seafood you are having and how it is cooked. For example, Bass, White Grouper pairs very well with Blend White and grilled Bluefish, Turbot, Octopus, Shrimp in butter, Lobster, Oyster and other shellfish, you can enjoy Silenus White. You should also try braised Anglerfish with our Cnidus Merlot Reserve

  • Depending on the sauce of your pasta, if it is prepared with seafood, chicken and cream and there is light, fresh cheese you can enjoy it with Blend White and Silenus White. You can enjoy Blend Red and Blend Barik Red alongside pastas with red meat and grated old cheese sauce.


  • Pizzas and 'pide' with their variety of ingredients and spices need strong wine as themselves such as Cnidus Ökğzgözü-Boğazkere.

  • For your barbecue parties; with chicken and fish you can enjoy our Whites and with red meat such as lamb and meatball you can enjoy Cnidus Syrah Reserve and Cnidus Merlot. With beef you can enjoy Cnidus Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and with pepperoni and beef you can enjoy Cnidus Öküzgözü-Boğazkere Reserve.

  • In parties and apperatives you can have Silenus Öküzgözü Blush. Also during afternoon you may enjoy it with your loved ones. 

  • Of course we shouldn't forget the cakes and desserts. With vanilla, creamed or fruity desserts, you may enjoy our semi sweet Blend White flavored with Datça Pine honey.


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